Anniversary Episode!!!!

Its a super late night podcast featuring Sierra , Alex, Ethan “Rage trident Weeks”, and myself.  Discussions of Daredevil castings, the rumored Justice League castings, and semi breakdown of the end of Forever Evil and what is to come April 2015 for the new52. Also its our anniversary episode!!! Thank you for those whom have been listening and givin me ideas and tips for the show. I know the audio/quality has not been the greatest but I hope in the near future we can fix some of the hiccups. Big thanks to Alex, Ethan, And Sierra whom have pushed me to keep the podcast going and who are always awesome guest to have on. Also big shoutout to Ryan/Phil/Fernando/ whoever you are on any given day, who is also a pleasure to work with and all around awesome coworker and buddy of  mine. In the future, I hope to have more of  you on the show and  I will do my best to have the best darn comic podcast in Sacramento. Thank you guys!!! Remember you can download the podcast from itunes and any podcast app just search: Citizens of Metropolis.


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