Have not disappeared

Lots of new and groovy upcoming things for the store so that’s why the lack of post/podcast lately. We will be bring the podcast back bigger and better than before and as well as new video project Chris Navarette and I are working on. Stay tuned for more details and keep a eye on the Metropolis Comix youtube channel.  Comic wise futures end month  is okay….some books have had amazing with the “what if this future happened ” story lines including Swamp thing, Batman and robin, Green lantern, and Batgirl. The rest have just been “okay” to me. I am ready for October to come so we can get all those new books from DC, Marvel, and Image as well as the continued story lines from Batman and Robin, Justice league, and of course my favorites Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman. On the subject of those 2 books, we know Wonder Woman and superman/Ww are getting new writers, but revealed last week, Charles Soule has singed a exclusive contract with marvel …meaning he will no longer be writing Red lantern, Swamp Thing, Superman /Wonder Woman and well everything else. That is right folks..when those last issues hit the shelves with his name attached expect me to be a sour mood. That is it for now I will attempt to update the blog at least twice a week from here on out.  Oh and Spidey-Verse is just insane!!!!! in a good way.  Lots of Multiverse stuff going on with both companies right now.




Oh and Wayward is a really amazing book!!! its like Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Witchblade/ Highlander/any “Chosen one” concept you can think of , mixed with anime. Best looking colors I have seen in a book. That is what caught my eye was the colors of this book just stunning !!!


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