(Ethan on his off days fighting crime)

WE ARE BACK!!!  And joined again with the Nerdy Boys for another fun filled episode! make sure to check them out on twitter  @Nerdyboys on the twitter and their website. Ethan couldn’t make it so he is with us in image alone. Make sure to like us on itunes and all RSS feed sites. Share , critique , and most of all enjoy another episode of the Citizens Of Metropolis Podcast.


Comics and Olmstead

The lovely Julie Parker from Conversations and Accessories interviews Sierra, Ethan, and I. Was such a blast and treat to talk to someone about our subculture and how this is more than just a hobby for us. A big thank you to Julie and the podcast crew for such a fun afternoon.

Conversation Accessories

Have you succumbed to the allure of comic books? Whether you’re a newbie or a long-time fan, this fun discussion with Shane Holden, Sierra O’Loughlin and Ethan Weeks of Metropolis Comix will surely make you want to chime in.

And, we visit the Frederick Law Olmstead National Historic Site in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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Have not disappeared

Lots of new and groovy upcoming things for the store so that’s why the lack of post/podcast lately. We will be bring the podcast back bigger and better than before and as well as new video project Chris Navarette and I are working on. Stay tuned for more details and keep a eye on the Metropolis Comix youtube channel.  Comic wise futures end month  is okay….some books have had amazing with the “what if this future happened ” story lines including Swamp thing, Batman and robin, Green lantern, and Batgirl. The rest have just been “okay” to me. I am ready for October to come so we can get all those new books from DC, Marvel, and Image as well as the continued story lines from Batman and Robin, Justice league, and of course my favorites Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman. On the subject of those 2 books, we know Wonder Woman and superman/Ww are getting new writers, but revealed last week, Charles Soule has singed a exclusive contract with marvel …meaning he will no longer be writing Red lantern, Swamp Thing, Superman /Wonder Woman and well everything else. That is right folks..when those last issues hit the shelves with his name attached expect me to be a sour mood. That is it for now I will attempt to update the blog at least twice a week from here on out.  Oh and Spidey-Verse is just insane!!!!! in a good way.  Lots of Multiverse stuff going on with both companies right now.




Oh and Wayward is a really amazing book!!! its like Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Witchblade/ Highlander/any “Chosen one” concept you can think of , mixed with anime. Best looking colors I have seen in a book. That is what caught my eye was the colors of this book just stunning !!!

New Store, New Episode!


Sierra and Shane break in the new store with a new and slightly improved show. Nothing scripted or planned just off the dome comic talk and chatter. And the after show follow up with Mr. Shane. Ryan can be heard chirping in from time to time throughout the show.  A big thanks to Mr. Byrce for help improving the show as we move on forward. He is sole credited for the Podcast’s new image,and new opening and ending tune  for the show.

Remember we are on the itunes store and all RSS feeds. Just search Citizens of Metropolis.

New books coming


Bunch of new books announced thinking of doing a article about all the new books post comic con and share thoughts about each one. But quick run down

.Gotham High
.Arkham Manor
.All new Deathstroke
.Klarion the witch boy
.The trinity of sin
Bunch of creator /artist change. Nicola Scott is off earth 2 and Tony Daniel is off supes /WW both which make me sad. Catwoman is getting a new writer(finally !!!) So hopefully after a year this book can get back on track and I’ll pick it up again.
And a few more coming from DC this Thursday.

Marvel announced a axis (next event ) tie in for Hob Goblin and Carnage. And a new captain America is coming soon(my bets falcon is taking over and series gets relaunched at issue 1 ). I’ll post all new books coming after comic con.

Books getting cancelled
Ultimate FF
Mighty avengers
Birds of Prey
Trinity of sin Pandora
Trinity of sin phantom stranger
And a couple more I can’t remember.

Batman vs. Superman or Batman Superman United?

A break down of my love of their friendship and why I fear movies won’t do them justice . But amazing analysis into these two budz.

Duchess of DC (and More!)

            I love superheroes, I do. I couldn’t be more thrilled at the influx of comic books, movies, and TV shows flooding the marketplace right now with their tales of adventure and mayhem. And with the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film in the works and set to release next year, there are plenty of speculations and online rumors as to how the plot will unfold. Many posts can be seen asking things like, Will the creative teams stay true to the nature of the heroes and their relationship to each other? Will they choose a specific comic book arc to portray? Who will win in the (nearly assured by the title) hero face-off: Bats or Supes? While all are worthy questions, I would like to posit a query of my own: Why must they face-off at all?


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