Goku vs Superman NSFW



So I decided to finally give Revival a shot. I was hesitant because well, I am sick of zombies and walking dead alone I get my thirst quenched of zombie stories. But I always looked at the interior art of Revival and it always looked stunning so I said what the hey and grabbed all three trades finally. So what do I think you may ask? Well I think Revival is miles ahead of Walking Dead. I love walking dead don’t get me wrong but this is a different spin on the whole “the dead come back to life” trope. Its like part horror, mystery, crime noir, with a dash of political and racial arguments all rolled together into well a book about “America” as a whole. A small town one day has all of its recently dead citizens all come back to life. They come back to life with their memories and feelings intact except well now they are the living dead. The citizens dubbed this event as “Revival Day” and some see it as a miracle some see it as a curse while some just want to get out of town and others looking at this event from the outside want to get into the town but oh wait they cant, because the government has quarantined the town until they find out if this is a isolated incident or a terrorist attack or something more. I can not recommended this series enough especially if you like a good mystery book.

Power of strong writing.

Sex criminals TP came out and it rocked …Matt Fraction is a freaking riot… oh man for sure this and rat queens are first comics to actually make me cry of laughter  from what I am reading. The power of good writing I tell ya. Oh and batman eternal is still good.I  think I see the trend/overall plot…will post about it next week if I think I see what’s coming.

Meh…. comics make me sad.

Haven’t posted in while because nothing amazing has come out really. I do love the new direction and team on detective comics. Superman/ww actually dissapointed me this month. In middle of East of west volume 2. Ohhhh but I will say batman  eternal Is amazing!!!! It is the bat book I have always wanted !! GCPD more than batman at least for this current arc. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to comic wise. Post again soon when I finally see cap2.  Oh all new ghost rider is a lot better than I was expecting !!! And all new ultimates is kinda blah only first issue but left bad taste in my mouth for a ultimates book.