Reality Comics

Our friends from Reality comics did a virtual tour of the store check it out! And also make sure to check out and their youtube page.


New books coming


Bunch of new books announced thinking of doing a article about all the new books post comic con and share thoughts about each one. But quick run down

.Gotham High
.Arkham Manor
.All new Deathstroke
.Klarion the witch boy
.The trinity of sin
Bunch of creator /artist change. Nicola Scott is off earth 2 and Tony Daniel is off supes /WW both which make me sad. Catwoman is getting a new writer(finally !!!) So hopefully after a year this book can get back on track and I’ll pick it up again.
And a few more coming from DC this Thursday.

Marvel announced a axis (next event ) tie in for Hob Goblin and Carnage. And a new captain America is coming soon(my bets falcon is taking over and series gets relaunched at issue 1 ). I’ll post all new books coming after comic con.

Books getting cancelled
Ultimate FF
Mighty avengers
Birds of Prey
Trinity of sin Pandora
Trinity of sin phantom stranger
And a couple more I can’t remember.

Meh…. comics make me sad.

Haven’t posted in while because nothing amazing has come out really. I do love the new direction and team on detective comics. Superman/ww actually dissapointed me this month. In middle of East of west volume 2. Ohhhh but I will say batman  eternal Is amazing!!!! It is the bat book I have always wanted !! GCPD more than batman at least for this current arc. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to comic wise. Post again soon when I finally see cap2.  Oh all new ghost rider is a lot better than I was expecting !!! And all new ultimates is kinda blah only first issue but left bad taste in my mouth for a ultimates book.