NEW PODCAST IS UP!! And Chance to win $50 xbl gift card and more!

Take a listen as the gang discuss what they have been digging and what they haven’t been digging in all the awesome comic goodness out there in the world. Lots of laughing and “Ryan’s” ranting to be found on this months episode. Also listen in on a chance to win a $50 dollar xbl gift card and cookies!!! And make sure to listen to Nerdy Boys Review to find out how to win 3 day wizard con pass. We can be found on any RSS device/app  just search Citizens of Metropolis. Like rate,share.

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End of Wizard Con.

Wizard world was so awesome I am beyond tired ,sore, and a little cranky but I wouldn’t change this experience for anything in the world!  Check out the full collection of all my pictures here   Wizard World 2014  It was great making new friends and seeing old faces and customers!  Hope to do this again next year.